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blanc Closet is the official mail-order website for "DaTuRa," "Delyle NOIR," which are operated by a EI International corporation.
Limited items, exclusive sales, promotions, bundle sale, and novelty gifts are offered only at our official mail-order website!

User Guide

Tenso.com Membership Registration

Tenso.com Membership Registration

Membership registration at tenso.com is required to enjoy the shopping experience at blanc Closet.

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blanc Closet Membership Registeration

blanc Closet Membership Registeration

In order to shop at blanc Closet, you must register for your (free) membership.
We do not charge fees for registration, renewal, or membership.
・By registering and saving personal information before shopping, you can avoid the hassle of entering your address everytime you shop.
・Even if you register from your PC, you will be able to shop with your smart phone using an identical username (ID) and password.
NOTE: Please be aware that the purchase notification mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address (PC or Cellphone).
・You must read and agree to the "Terms of Service" and "Disclosure of Personal Information" before registering.
You may save and use the blanc Closet points during shopping for great deals. The points are accessible from your PC, smartphone, or cellphone websites.

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Terms of Service

■Terms of Service

We will begin the registration.
You will proceed to the registration form once you have read the disclaimer and have checked the "I agree to the Terms of Service" box.

Registration Form

■Registration Form

Please enter your personal information.
Click the "verify" button once you have entered all of the required information.

Information Verification

■Information Verification

Please click the "register" button, once you have verified your information.

Registration Complete

■Registration Complete

The registration has been completed.
Enjoy the shopping experience.


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About the Points

About the Points

You can save points to shop for better deals.

How to save Points

□ You receive 1 point per purchase of 100 yen (before tax).
□ When purchasing multiple items, the points will be calculated based on the total amount (before tax).
□ Points under 100 yen are rounded down.
Eg. 5,184 yen(4,800 yen before tax) → 48 points.
734 yen(680 yen before tax)→6 points.
□ The shopping points will be included after the product has been delivered.

Using the Points

When you are ordering, the points will be displayed on "Selecting the Payment Method" screen. You may select to use / not use the points, and also select the amount of points to use / not use.
□You may shop using your points with the conversion rate of 1pt = 1 yen.
□You can use your points starting from 1 pt.
NOTE: Your points cannot be converted to cash.
NOTE: Your points may not be transferred to a third person.
NOTE: The points that you have collected under multiple accounts cannot be consolidated.

Point Types and their Effective Dates

There are two types of points:【Regular Points】【Limited-Offer Points】

【Regular Points】

□ Your points may be used within a year from the most recent date when the points were earned or used.
□ Your points expire after the effective date.
□ Your points expire once you terminate your blanc Closet membership.

【Limited-Offer Points】

□ These points are offered for specific promotions, each with their "effective dates."
(The points will expire automatically after the effective date.)
□ If you have both regular and limited-offer points, the points will be deducted from the limited-offer points before the regular points.
□ If you have multiple limited-offer points, the points with the most recent effective date will be deducted first.



It's easy to order; just add the items in the cart.
NOTE: Memebership registration is required for shopping at blanc Closet.

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Product page

■Product page

Once you are on the product page, verify your size and color. Then click the "Add to Cart" button.

Shopping Cart

■Shopping Cart

Click the "Purchase the Order" button, once you have verified the content in your shopping cart.

Entering the Shipping Address.

■If you did not register shipping address.

Enter your name, address, phone number, and click "Verifying my Purchase."

Selecting the Payment Method,

■Entering required information

Please enter required information and click "Purchase the Order."
NOTE: Enter the point / coupon code here.

Verifying your Purchase

■Verifying your Purchase

Once you have verified your purchase and have read the Terms of Service, click the "I order & agree to the Terms of Service" button.

Purchase Complete

■Purchase Complete

Your purchase has been completed. An e-mail will be sent to the address provided during registration.
You can verify your orders on "My Page."


Shipment & Fee

Shipment & Fee

Please verify the information at tenso.com.

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We only accept credit card payments.
The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, Master, Diners Club, JCB, AMEX.
You may pay in installments of 1, 3, 6, 10, 12, 18, 24, or with revolving credit.
The purchase amount will be charged onto your credit card upon the shipment of the product.
NOTE: When information such as address is not sufficiently provided, the due amount will be charged after the delivery address has been verified.

Return Policy

Return Policy

Our company will pay the shipping costs for item returns of faulty items or mis-shipments. We DO NOT exchange items.

About Measurements

About Measurements

・All measurements of the clothing articles were made on a flat surface.
・Please be aware that there may be a minute discrepency in measurements, depending on the item.

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  • One piece
  • Tops
  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Skirt
  • Outer
  • Shoes
  • Bag
  • Accessory



日本語表記 In English
綿 cotton cotton
ポリエステル polyester polyester
ポリウレタン polyurethane polyurethane
レーヨン rayon rayon
ナイロン nylon nylon
アクリル acrylic acrylic
hemp hemp
アンゴラ Angora wool Angora wool
ウール wool wool
モヘア mohair mohair
合成皮革 synthetic leather synthetic leather
皮(羊・牛・山羊・豚) leather (sheep ・cow・goat・pig) leather
ラクーン raccoon raccoon
フォックス fox fox
ラビット rabbit rabbit